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Have you declared rental income & capital gain from sale of property?

ATO will collect data from rental bond from the following sources:

■       New South Wales Office of Fair Trading – Rental Bond Board

■       Residential Tenancies Bond Authority – Consumer Affairs Victoria

■       Tenancies SA - Consumer and Business Services

■       Bond Administrator – Department of Commerce WA

■       ACT Office of Rental Bonds – Access Canberra

■       Rental Deposit Authority - Consumer Building and Occupational Standards (Tasmania)

■       Residential Tenancies Authority, Queensland


The data to be collected may contain all or a selection of the fields listed for the specified financial years:

■       Rental bond number of identifier for rental bond

■       Unique identifier for the landlord

■       Full name of the landlord

■       Full address of the landlord

■       Date of birth of the landlord

■       Contact telephone numbers for the landlord

■       Unique identifier of the managing agent

■       Full name of the managing agent

■       Full address of the managing agent

■       Unique identifier of the rental property

■       Full address of the rental property

■       Period of lease

■       Commencement and expiration of the lease

■       Amount of rental bond held

■       Number of weeks the rental bond is for

■       Amount of rent payable for each period

■       Period of rental payments (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)

■       Type of dwelling

■       Number of bedrooms


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